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Pests are well known for infesting homes and businesses across the Coolangatta area at different times of the year.

They enter homes, apartments, townhouses, offices and food businesses in search of food and shelter, much to our dislike. Pests can be a health risk for some people and cause disruption to a business, particularly a food service business.

If you're seeing pests now, it's important to get them under control and removed quickly to reduce the infestation and protect your property and family.

The team from Safe House Pest Control have local knowledge and know what pests are active and when, how to effectively control pests all year round.

Residential Pest Control Coolangatta

Protecting your home, family and pets from pests is our top priority. Our professional pest control services are designed to do just that with minimal impact to you.

We follow a strict process to ensure your pest control service will be effective and includes the following:

The first step is a thorough inspection of the home area. This will allow us to locate the source of the pest problem and the size of the pest issue. Often, pests won't be fully visible and can be in high numbers.

Once we've established the species of pests and size of the job, we will formulate treatment methods to apply in critical areas of the home including the pest harbourage areas, wet areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas.

We will also apply a barrier around the perimeter of the home to stop pests accessing the property via windows and doors. We will provide advice on any cracks and crevices that are found and sealing those to stop the pests gaining entry.

In addition, we will provide advice on other DIY tips to reduce the likelihood of pests returning to the home. This may include trimming tree branches close to the roof, waste materials stored in the yard and certain types of plants.

Commercial Pest Control Coolangatta

We can service a range of different commercial properties including offices, gyms, shops, storage facilities, restaurants and cafes.

Food service businesses require a pest free environment as part of their licensing requirements and reputation with customers.

We can also schedule regular ongoing commercial pest services throughout the year as routine services all year round.


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