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Full Service Pest Control

Currumbin has its fair share of pests from time to time. With neighbouring bushland and the seaside, different types of pests can make your home or business theirs.

The team from SafeHouse Pest Control know about what pests are active and when they will be found all year round. Our treatment services are designed to directly target these pests and help protect your property, family and pets.

Well known pests in Currumbin include ants, cockroaches, spiders, mosquitoes and rodents. These pests are seasonal, meaning they become active at certain times of the year such as ants, cockroaches and spiders in the warmer summer months, rodents and rats in the cooler winter months. Termites are typically found in the warmer months of the year but can appear in the winter season. Australian standards recommend an annual termite inspection be completed.

Residential Home Pest Control

It's important to protect your home from unwanted pests all year round. Some pests are extremely unhygienic and can cause medical issues for some people. Others can silently destroy a home, costing you thousands.

Pest Control Currumbin
Our priority is to ensure your home is protected and pest free. We follow a strict process that will deliver the right type of pest control and give you peace of mind as follows:
  • We will conduct a thorough inspection of the property inside and out to identify and locate any active pests present and where they are coming from.
  • We will then formulate a treatment method and apply this to the places that they live in or areas they may cross into. This often includes a perimeter spray around the home and application in rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garage.
  • We will provide advice on what we have seen in our inspection across fixing cracks and crevices on doors and windows and trimming trees close to the roofline.
  • We also offer DIY tips to help stop pests from returning to the home with simple steps.
  • Some services will require ongoing monitoring and maintenance such as rodent control and termite treatment or barriers.

Commercial Pest Control

If you own a business in Currumbin, we can provide professional services to help manage pest control at your establishment.

To discuss your business needs and commercial pricing, please give us a call.

Commercial pest control currumbin

Food service businesses such as cafes and restaurants are required to maintain a pest-free environment under food safety laws. It also helps maintain your good reputation with customers who visit your establishment.

We can also provide commercial pest control services for other types of businesses including shops, storage facilities, medical centres, schools and government buildings. We can set up regular ongoing inspections and services as required.


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