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Full Service Pest Control

Are you facing pest problems at your home or business in Elanora?

Elanora is filled with homes and local businesses. Pests are well known for making their home in our homes including ants, cockroaches, spiders and termites. One pest can become many fast so it's important to get them under control before it becomes a big issue.

The team from Safe House Pest Control know what pests are active and when throughout Elanora and how to control them fast! We help homeowners and business owners get rid of pests with all year round protection.

Protecting your home, your family and your pets from nasty pests is our number one priority!

We're committed to ensuring that your home is pest-free all year round, our pest control services are designed to make this happen.

We will inspect the property and treat the pest problem based on our findings and the size of the pest problem. We then develop treatment methods that are specifically designed to target and stop the active pest species in their tracks.

Our process is as follows:

  • We conduct a thorough inspection of the home, inside and out to determine the size and type of the pest issue, this will tell us where the pests are coming from and identify any food sources attracting pests.
  • Next, we formulate the correct treatment methods and apply this to the pest harbourages, nests and the areas where they often found such as wet areas of the home - kitchen, bathroom, laundry and garages.
  • Where required, we will apply a barrier around the perimeter of the home to stop pests from gaining access and advise on sealing or repairing cracks and crevices that act as an entry point.
  • When the service is completed, we will provide you with details on what has been done and any recommendations to help stop pests from returning to your home.
  • In some cases, ongoing pest monitoring will need to be scheduled to ensure the service has been effective and reapplied if required such as rodent bait stations and termite chemical barriers.

Commercial Pest Control Elanora

We service a variety of commercial properties including offices and food service businesses in the Elanora area.

To discuss your business needs and commercial pricing, please give us a call.

With our help we will ensure your establishment is free of pests and your reputation is strong with your customers. Food preparation businesses must ensure hygiene and cleanliness with a pest-free environment under HACCP as part of their licensing requirements.

We also service other commercial buildings such as storage facilities and surgeries.

Our team can carry out regular scheduled inspections and services at your business, for your peace of mind.


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