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Palm Beach is a suburb nestled close to the beach (hence the name) slightly inland of the Gold Coast Highway.

The suburb is filled with beautiful homes, apartments and local businesses. Like any suburb, Palm Beach has its fair share of pests throughout the year. Pests in different situations will cause different issues so it's important to do our part and get rid of pests.

The team at SafeHouse Pest Control are local experts and know what pests are active, where and when across the region. We know what to do to stop pests and protect your home, family, pets or business all year round.

Residential Pest Control Palm Beach

Homes and apartments can easily and quickly become home for pests throughout the year. Different pests are active with different seasons and some can cause more concern than others.

In Palm Beach, pests such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and mosquitoes are very active during the summer months of the year. In winter it's not uncommon for rodents, rats and mice to be active, seeking shelter and food.

Ants can appear in the hundreds and some can inflict a nasty bite to a person like green ants. Cockroaches are well known for being unhygienic and contaminating a home with waste. They can also cause asthma attacks for some people. Australia is home to some of the most dangerous spiders in the world like the Funnel Web. It's important to reduce their presence around your home and keep everyone safe.

Rodents are well known for being unhygienic and can cause serious damage to a home by causing a house fire by eating through gyprock walls, ceilings and electrical cables, causing a short and sparking a fire undetected.

Mosquitoes are just plain annoying if you're having an outdoor event at home. They can also carry the Ross River Virus which can cause issues for some people.

Commercial Pest Control Palm Beach

If you own a commercial business, it's important to remain pest-free to protect your business reputation and licensing.

To discuss your business needs and our commercial pricing, please give us a call.

All food service businesses must comply with HACCP food safety regulations in order to trade. This involves regular pest control services and reporting to meet these obligations. Other businesses like storage, shops and services need to make sure pests are not visible in and around the business to turn away customers.

The pests mentioned above can all find their way into a business location. In addition, termites can cause significant issues for homes and businesses by damaging a building unnoticed. This type of damage is not covered by home or building insurance. It's critical that you have a termite inspection every year to check and protect the building from these pests, not a termite check!

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