Early Signs and Detection

of Termite Activity

Termites are incredibly destructive pests that can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses within a short space of time.

Luckily, you can stop the spread of the infestation if you catch them quickly and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars' worth of damage. Here are the top 5 early signs of termite activity and what you can do about it.

Signs to Detect Termites Early

Termite Mud Trail

A termite mud trail, also called mud tubes, is a major sign that you have termites. These tubes are small and commonly made out of dirt or termite droppings. They provide shelter for the termites from the sun and other ants. You can often find mud trails around the lower edge of walls or on concrete stumps and uprights. It's important to never disturb a mud tube as this will cause the termites to evacuate the tube and seek shelter elsewhere, spreading the infestation further into the house.

Floor or Ceiling Damage

While termites mostly eat wood, they will also eat any other material that they come across. If you notice any destruction to your floors or ceiling, such as cracks, sags or blisters, there's a good chance termite are present.

Flying Termites

A swarm of flying insects around your house during the spring and summer could also indicate that a termite colony is in or around your home. These white-winged insects are called alates, or flying termites, and they commonly nest in rotting tree stumps and piles of wood.

Stained Walls

Another early sign of termites is dark stains on walls. This may indicate that the termites have found a way into the home and have built a sub-nest in the wall made of wet mud that has seeped through and become visible from the other side. If this happens, the plaster will feel soft and mushy. This commonly occurs around wet areas, such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries.

Clicking Noises

A tell-tale sign that your home has termites is a strange clicking noise that can be heard at night. This is the sound that active termites make, and you may be able to hear it while everyone is asleep and there are no other noises.

Stop Active Termites in Their Tracks

So, you've spotted some early signs of termite activity in your home or business. What do you do?

It's time to call in a professional pest service! SafeHouse Pest Control provides fast and reliable termite treatments for residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast with tailored solutions to suit you.

Our team is highly qualified and licensed to perform this specialised service with QBCC, Fire Ant Eradication and Termite Pest Management. Give us a call today to receive a competitive quote and to book a termite inspection with a local expert.