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Why Is Termite Control So Important?

Termites, also known as white ants, cause more than a billion dollars in damage to Australian homes yearly. In South East Queensland, it's typical for 1 in 4 homes to experience termite activity.

A matured colony of termites can eat up to several kilos of timber in your home a week. They can feed 24 hours a day and leave a chemical trail for more termites to follow them.

Termites usually stay hidden from view, running through gaps in the plumbing, the hollows of piers, or possibly behind shrubs or plants against the house. A termite infestation can often go unnoticed until you discover the early signs of termite activity, such as damaged hardwood floors or spotting them flying around inside your house. 

As termite damage is not usually covered under Homeowners Insurance, it's vital to perform regular termite inspections to stop significant problems before they begin.

Suspect Termites

Do you suspect termites are causing damage to your home or business? SafeHouse Pest Control is here to help! We specialise in professional and affordable termite inspections on the Gold Coast.

We're highly qualified and experienced as timber pest technicians, including Fire Ant Eradication and Timber Pest Management. We can perform effective termite inspections, deliver customised treatment plans and provide expert advice on how to handle the situation.

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Why Trust Us With A Termite Inspection On The Gold Coast?

We're experts in getting rid of termites on the Gold Coast. As locals, we understand this region well and are highly trained to detect termites, eliminate colonies and propose effective termite management plans.

We provide complete termite inspections, not just termite checks, which are widely deemed insufficient.

One of our professional technicians will come to your home or business to conduct a comprehensive inspection. Afterwards, we can provide a thorough report on our findings and suggest tailored termite treatment solutions at a cost you can afford.

We recommend having an extensive termite inspection at least once a year. We can assess your residential or commercial premises and determine your property's risk of potential termite damage. If considered high risk, we may recommend more frequent inspections to safeguard your place from the destructive threat of termites.

We also offer pre-purchase timber pest inspections when buying a home. We work together with a trusted local builder who has years of experience to inspect the property for termite damage and structural issues. All inspections include a full written report on the findings and recommendations to assist with your offer.

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Our Methods

At Safe House Pest Control, we offer chemical barriers and bait monitoring systems. Our primary products for liquid treatments are Termidor SC and Termidor HE. Termidor is unique in its mode of control and is non-repellent, causing termites to work through it and affect each other.

Baiting systems attract termites to 'hit' the stations. In these stations, we place Sentricon Always Active Sticks. The termites feed on the sticks, bring them to the colony and queen and effectively eliminate them.

You can click on the link to read our top questions to ask when choosing a termite control service on the gold coast, or call us today for more information. All termite control solutions will be customised to suit your circumstances.

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The Most Reliable Termite Inspection On The Gold Coast

With the most reliable termite inspections on the Gold Coast down to Tweed Heads, customers trust us to protect their properties and wallets. Don't make a costly mistake! Call us today to get a competitive quote and book an appointment with a local timber pest technician.

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