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Pest Control: Gold Coast and Tweed

If you're in the food industry, there's nothing more important than the safety of your customers and staff. This means making sure that your commercial space is free from pests and is a clean and hygienic place to eat and work in. As experts in commercial kitchen pest control on the Gold Coast, SafeHouse Pest Control is highly experienced in targeted pest control for food service businesses with tailored pest management plans to suit your needs.

From restaurants and cafés to bistros, bakeries, hospitality venues, grocery stores and more, we can help you to stay compliant with government health and safety standards and maintain your stellar reputation.

We currently have pest management plans in place for over 100 food service businesses across the Gold Coast and make regular visits to conduct proactive commercial kitchen pest control services to ensure they continue to meet the high standards expected of business owners within the food sector.

Common Areas for Pests to Hide in Commercial Kitchens

Pests love areas where food is present which makes a commercial kitchen one of the biggest hotspots for cockroaches, flies, ants, rodents and more. Here's where you're most likely to find these unwelcome guests:

  • In the base of toasters
  • In the motor of fridges and freezers
  • Under lino or broken flooring
  • Behind pipes
  • Under the kettle
  • Under sinks
  • Around waste bins

What Products Do You Use for Commercial Pest Control?

We use the very best non-generic products on the market to eradicate pests and prevent them from living on your premises. Trusted products such as Maxforce cockroach gels, Seclira aerosols and sprays can be used in even the smallest crevices and cracks where pests like to hide. The benefits of these types of products is that the pests crawl over it and take it back to their harbourage where it can continue to eliminate the rest of the pests that are hidden from sight. Our products are odourless and leave no stains behind to minimise disruption to your food business.

How Often Should You Conduct Pest Control for Commercial Kitchens?

We recommend pest control every 3 months as this aligns with general council regulations. Depending on your business, you may be required to conduct monthly inspections and treatment. We can help tailor the right plan for you for proactive pest management and address all areas of concern. We also provide a warranty to cover the regular treatment time frame.

We do after hours commercial services.

Safe House Pest Control are fully qualified and licensed to perform commercial pest control with the Queensland Building And Construction Commission (QBCC).

We're a highly experienced team that local food service owners trust to keep their commercial kitchens and spaces free from pests.

  • Minimal disruption to business
  • Highest quality products and latest techniques
  • Reliable and prompt service
  • Competitive rates

For commercial kitchen pest control on the Gold Coast that keeps the pests out and the diners coming in, choose Safe House Pest Control.

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