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In the health and aged care industry, your patients' safety needs to be paramount, and this includes keeping the premises free from pests that can spread disease and contamination.

As experts in health & aged care pest control on the Gold Coast, SafeHouse Pest Control can help you to keep the most vulnerable members of the community safe and comfortable while upholding your obligation to maintain a clean and ideal environment for both patients and staff.

What Type of Pests Can Be Found in Health & Aged Care Facilities?

Many of the pests you will find in a health or aged care facility are the same ones you can spot at home or in a commercial space. This includes:

  • Cockroaches
  • Rodents
  • Ants
  • Bed Bugs
  • Flies
  • Mosquitos

These types of pests will typically be found in areas that are dark and provide access to water and food. This means the kitchen and catering rooms, the basement and underground parking lots, the bins and waste collection areas, the bathrooms and the patient's rooms.

What Can Happen if You Don't Use Pest Control?

Pests can quickly overtake a premises if you don't deal with the situation promptly. This would not only be dangerous to your patients and staff but also put your business in jeopardy. Here's some potential consequences of neglecting to hire an expert in professional aged care pest control and health industry pest control:

  • You could endanger your staff and patients' health
  • Your image and reputation may suffer 
  • You could see significantly less clients as a result
  • Government authorities may become involved
  • You may need to pay fines for negligence
Pest Control for Health & Aged Care Facilities

What Can You Do?

To avoid these consequences altogether, you should:

  • Report any pest complaints made by a patient and resolve the issue
  • Maintain a clean and tidy facility
  • Mop up spills immediately and wipe down surfaces regularly
  • Educate staff about correct pest management
  • Hire a professional pest control company to maintain a safe premise

Why Trust Us With Pest Control For Health & Aged Care Facilities?

SafeHouse Pest Control can help you to keep your staff and patients safe from pests with innovative treatments and a tailored pest management plan to keep them out for good.

Our team is highly qualified and licensed to perform any type of commercial pest control for health and aged care facilities with QBCC, Fire Ant Eradication and Timber Pest Management for termite control.

Detailed Inspection

We'll perform a detailed inspection of your business and formulate a targeted treatment plan to suit your needs.

All of our products are safe to use around pets and humans and are administered respectfully with minimal disruption to patients and staff. When you need health & aged care pest control on the Gold Coast you can count on, call SafeHouse Pest Control today and we'll provide you with a competitive quote.

Aged Care Pest Control

We do after hours commercial services.

We can schedule to complete regular commercial pest control services for your property. This will give you peace of mind and help protect your reputation.

For more information about commercial pest control on the Gold Coast or to book an appointment, simply call us today for a free competitive quote.

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