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Rodents can be extremely destructive to your home or business, not to mention your health. When you need rodent control on the Gold Coast, SafeHouse Pest Control has the skills and expertise to eradicate a rodent infestation fast.

We're able to rid your home or business of rodents safely and effectively with unique treatment plans and management advice from a local expert in rodent control.

What Type Of Rodents Live In Australia?

The most common rodents found in Australia include:
  • House Mouse
    The House Mouse typically lives in dry, sheltered areas, such as the roof or ceiling, furniture and walls. Abundant in Australia, this species is omnivorous and feeds on grains. Their long, slender body enables them to slip easily through small openings.
  • Norway Rat
    Also known as a 'Water Rat', this species is the largest out of the rodents and dwells in sewers, near rivers and even in underground burrows. They have a hostile nature when provoked.
  • Roof Rat
    Roof Rats are small with a slender, black body that typically live in roof spaces. They're shy in nature, good climbers and avoid the water. Their size makes it simple to slide through openings with ease.

When Are Rodents Most Active?

As warm-blooded mammals, rodents are winter pests that come inside in search of warmth, shelter and food when it's cold. They're most active during the night.

Where Do Rodents Live?

Rodents live in residential homes in the walls, roofs, cupboards, furniture and storage boxes. They can also infest commercial spaces, specifically food production and manufacturing companies.

Are Rodents A Health Hazard?

Rodents pose a major health hazard to people and pets, capable of spreading over 35 diseases worldwide through their urine and droppings. They can pollute food with salmonella, as well as cause serious conditions such as typhus, leptospirosis, rickettsial infections and Hantavirus.

Rodents can also spread diseases to humans indirectly through ticks, fleas and mites that may have fed on an infected rodent.

Top Tips For Rat Control

  • Seal up any cracks or voids in your home or business
  • Ensure you have proper drainage and install gutters or diverts that channel water away from your building
  • Keep your house clean and eliminate food waste
  • Trim any trees or foliage growing close to your property
  • Keep the kitchen spotless and store food in containers
  • Secure bin lids
  • Feed household pets inside and clean up afterwards
  • Empty litter trays often and keep the yard clean

The Experts In Rodent Control

Rodents are difficult to deal with due to their ability to escape quickly through small cracks and hide deep within your residential or commercial structure.

SafeHouse Pest Control offers cost-effective solutions that are specifically designed to treat your individual situation. We work with homeowners and business owners to keep your place clean of rodents and safe from their diseases.

Call us for professional rodent control on the Gold Coast and Tweed Heads. Our friendly team can give you a competitive quote and help you book an appointment today.

Time To Call Safe House?

Often, commercially available treatments adopt a one size fits all treatment that are largely ineffective and don't consider your individual needs and circumstances.

If you've tried everything you can to get pest in your home or business and seen no results, it's time to call us in.

Our team has the expertise to identify rodents on the premises. We can develop a targeted approach that eliminates the infestation and limit the chance of it happening again.

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