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Bilinga neighbours are Tugan to the north and Coolangatta to the south on the Gold Coast QLD. Home to beautiful waterfront homes and the Gold Coast International Airport and local surf club.

In addition to the airport and homes, Bilinga has hotel accommodation, shops, cafes, bars and the nearby North Kirra Beach. The area faces regular pest problems throughout the year with pests racing to make your home theirs!

In the summer you'll see a number of general pests like cockroaches, spiders, ants, mozzies and termites. In winter it will be rodents, rats, mice all seeking shelter and food much to our dislike.

It's super important to get these pests under control as soon as you notice them. Otherwise, they can quickly infest your home or business in high numbers, causing you discomfort and costly issues.

The team from SafeHouse Pest Control are local experts in Bilinga and near by areas.

Simply contact us today to make a booking. We are available now to get your service done and eliminate unwanted pests from your home or business location.

Residential Home Pest Control

We can provide professional pest control services that will protect your home, family and pets from pests all year. Our services deliver effective pest control as shown here:

  • We perform an inspection of your house inside and outside to find pests that are about and see where they are living.
  • We then implement a treatment service and apply it to certain areas where the pests live. This will include a barrier spray around the house and application in rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • We will advise you on what we found in the inspection including fixing issues with cracks and crevices that pests can enter easily.
  • We also provide DIY tips on how to keep the pests away.
  • Certain pest control services will need regular monitoring including rodent control and termite barriers.

Commercial Pest Control Bilinga

We offer commercial pest control for businesses located in the Bilinga area. We know your legal requirements to do so and what needs to be done to satisfy these.

We provide pest control for shops, storage units, offices and food services businesses. We can also provide ongoing inspections and treatment services as required for your business.

Restaurants and food courts need regular pest control as a requirement under food safety laws. This involves treating the internal and external areas of the building and applying a surrounding barrier to the building to keep pests out. Internally we treat the kitchen and bathrooms and garbage areas outside.


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