Termite Baiting Systems

How do they Work

If you suspect a termite infestation is moving in on your home or business, termite baiting systems can put a stop to them before they enter and build a nest inside. Termite baiting is an effective method used to control termite colonies on the Gold Coast and throughout Australia. Read on to discover how they work and the benefits of using this pest control method. 

How Do Termite Baiting Systems Work?

Termite baiting is used as an early detection method to uncover and eliminate termites before they infest your house. They work by leaving either a non-toxic or toxic bait above or more commonly under the ground to attract the pests. When the termites feast on these baits, the slow release pesticides allow the termite to travel back to infect their colony before eventually dying. If termites are found in your home, bait station can be installed to the areas where the termites are active to exterminate the problem before matters get worse.

There are different termite baiting systems available and the best one for you will depend on a number of factors, including your property type, budget and current termite activity. A popular baiting system involves burying termite baits into the ground that contain timber and an attractant. These are placed at different points around the home. The termites are lured into the bait where an insecticide is added. Once ingested, the termites return to their nest where the poison can be spread to the other termites until the entire colony is effectively controlled. This may take several weeks, however it is vital that the entire colony is exterminated for long term protection.

What are the Benefits of Using Termite Baits?

A termite infestation can cause catastrophic damage to your home or business which can result in costly repairs. Prevention is always best when it comes to these pests. Termite baiting systems are one of the best ways you can spot the early signs of termite activity and protect your property from termites. Some of the major benefits include:

Fast and Easy Installation

A professional pest control technician can have your termite bait system installed in one visit. After inspection, the traps will be strategically placed around your property in the best position to attract the pests and lure them inside to ingest the bait.

Safe for People and Animals

Termite baits may be deadly for pests, but they are generally safe for humans and animals. This makes them a preferred option for homeowners who have kids and pets. It's always best to talk to your pest controller to understand what type of baits they are using and why. 

Long-Term Solution

A termite baiting system can last up to 10 years. Depending on your system, ongoing maintenance is usually required to monitor termite activity. This ensures the baits are continuing to do their job to control infestations as well as alert pest technicians to any signs of new nests so that they can take swift action.

Get Trusted Advice From the Professionals

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